Survival Birthday Adventure Party: Event Description

Do you have a child or children that love all things wilderness survival? You know, the child that begs you to let them keep watching Alone, or Naked and Afraid or refuses to read anything but Hatchet, My Side Of The Mountain, and other wilderness adventure themed books. Well why not give them a party that will speak to their passion for wilderness survival and adventure and do it right in your own backyard? You have come to the right page!

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Full Day Course Description

  • The day begins with games! We will spend about 30 minutes playing some warmup games and learning how to walk like a fox and weasel, hear like a deer and see like an eagle. In short, we will be having a lot of fun.
  • After we are sufficiently warmed up and in tune with the wild, we will learn about the basics of wilderness survival. Yes, a bit of talking followed by a lot of doing. We will build a shelter, construct a fire, learn 3 ways to start the fire, learn how to hunt rabbits and trap squirrels, and a few other things along the way. Important Notice: No animals will be hurt in the course of these events! Stuffed animals not so lucky, sorry.
  • Birthday boy or girl present ceremony. Your child/children will receive their very own friction fire set, flint and steel set, rabbit stick, and dead fall trap. Sounds pretty fun right?

Details: This event is ideal for children 7 and older with adult supervision. A maximum of 25 party goers and a minimum of 3 adults is preferable. If you have more than 25 in mind, we can still make it happen with advance notice and planning.

Duration of event: Events can be modified to accommodate your schedule with a 2 hours minimum using elements of the full day course description.  For the full day course I would plan for a 10am start, 12:30pm lunch break, and ending ceremony around 5pm.

Price of event: Dependent on size of party.

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