1. Fordham University, BA in Art History
  2. Sunbridge College, Master’s Degree in Elementary  Education
  3. Sunbridge College, Waldorf Elementary Teachers Certification
  4. Mercy College, NY State Provisional Teachers Certification in Art Education
  5.  Graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outdoor Educator Course. Spent 27 days in the wilderness of Wyoming learning about outdoor and experiential education
  6. Completed the following courses at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School: The Standard Course (Introduction to Wilderness Survival and Nature Observation, The Advanced Standard (a deeper analysis of wilderness survival skills and nature observation, Introduction to Tracking and Nature Observation (a experiential and scientific approach to studying the science and art of animal tracking and nature observation
  7. Completed numerous courses on Conflict Resolution and Team Building (I worked in several programs with high risk populations of young adults that desperately needed skills in communication and conflict resolution)
  8. Completed numerous courses in Adventure Programing and Facilitation

Professional Experience

  1. Completed several Student Conservation Association and Americorps programs; served three months in Chinle Arizona at Canyon De Chelly National Monument as an Interpretive Park Ranger, served 10 months in Long Lake NY in the Adirondack Mountains as a Kindergarten teacher and trail crew member, and three months in Sitka Alaska with Sitka National Historic Park once again as volunteer Park Ranger
  2. Environmental Education Instructor at W. Alton Jones in West Greenwich Rhode Island
  3. Experiential and Outdoor Education Facilitator at the Princeton Blairstown Center in Blairstown NJ
  4. Wilderness Therapy Head Facilitator at Adirondack Leadership Academy (A.L.E)
  5. Environmental Education Instructor at Cal Wood Environmental Education Center in Jamestown Colorado
  6. Outdoor Education Teacher at the Green Chimneys School in Brewster NY
  7. Waldorf Elementary Classroom Teacher at the River Valley Waldorf School in Upper Black Eddy Pennsylvania
  8. Environmental Educator at the Meadowlands Environmental Education Center in Lynden NJ
  9. Team Building Facilitator with UnitedEventures in NJ
  10. Business Development Director at TruBeacon in Englewood Cliffs NJ
  11. Business Development Director at First Data in Jersey City NJ
  12. Commercial Finance Director at PayCargo Capital in Englewood Cliffs NJ
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